Streetshooter’s Street Presets: Breathing Life Into Street Photography

You might know Don Springer of Streetshooter and Olivier Duong of Olivier Duong. Both great street photographers I highly respect. They have a project, Street Presets, and it certainly deserves your attention if you’re into street photography. It may even change your photography altogether.

Street Presets, that’s two custom-tailored presets to make your photographs come to life: Streetshooter SE1 presets for Nik Silver Efex 2, and Streetshooter LR1 presets for Lightroom 4.

It’s certainly easy to rave about these presets. No more wasting hours in front of your screen to get that “street look” you’re after. Results remind me of shooting grainy black-and-white Ilford pushed a few stops. Hearty vignetting, deep oily blacks, crisp contrast, you got it. It’s the closest thing to the old darkroom.

Disclaimer! The presets are nothing for you if you’re after squeaky-clean, completely noise-free images. They are right down your alley, however, if you’re after this documentary look that for some reason makes photographs more authentic, more real.

Effortless post-processing thanks to Street Presets — has it ever been easier to get that street photography look?

You can download all sorts of presets for free from the Internet. But not all are made equal. Most simply alter the look of an image. Not the Street Presets. “We are after breathing life into photographs with our presets,” says Don. “The presets are not mechanical knobs to us, but they are a labor of love for we are not engineers or developers, but passionate photographers. We understand what street photographers want.”

Don and Olivier “feel the street,” giving your photographs this organic, gritty, documentary “street look” that is hard to reproduce. Their presets were created to handle many kinds of situation including under- and overexposure. You’ll be amazed what Lightroom can do.

SE1 includes five Nik Silver Efex 2 presets designed specifically for street photography. The LR1 package includes 12 Lightroom 4 presets designed to add punch to your photographs and make them pop.

Again, they’re a labor of love. It took these two fine photographers a lot of time to carefully fine-tune the settings after countless experiments on their on street images.

You can now get both SE1 and LR1 presets for only $26.99. The Lightroom version is $19.99, the Silver Efex $9.99. Downloads here.

  • Well basically there are two things to remember to begin with:

    1) you will be able to more easily process a photography to make like one you never took, and;

    2) If you took photographs with film you would not need these tricks.

    Having said that, when I have tested digital cameras I have resorted from time to time to this type of B&W preset option in DXO. And yes, the difference can be encouraging.

    If only it were enough to encourage people to start going out more with film cameras again. And who know, that, eventually may be the end result.

    Good luck to these two gentlemen.

  • Thanks!

    1) Before, printing was usually done by somebody else, some big names never touched the chemicals themselves. How is this any different? Do the prints of James Nachtwey look like they were never took by him? I think he had a vision and he used a camera and a printer to convey it. These presets are simply there to help street photographers convey their vision.

    2) It depends on which film you use, and I would argue that by selecting film you are in a sense doing a “trick”. Some films are known for their dark tones, high contrast and grainy look, so how is this different than using a preset look on the get go and moving on from there?

  • Scarlet_Billows

    Interesting for those who need it. I will stick to film instead.

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