Fujifilm Goes Retro With Polaroid-Esque Instax Mini

Fujfilm’s most successful cameras — the X series — are all about retro feel. Now the Japanese camera maker takes the nostalgia to another level with the Instax Mini 90, a neoclassical instant camera that revives the old Polaroid feel. Well the Polaroid we once knew has become The Impossible Project still making the film, but not the cameras. But remember the days when those infamous cameras churned out images that developed and dried as they hit the air? Even in these times of social media sharing, Fujifilm bets there is a market for the revival of the Polaroid-feel, brought back by a camera with classic retro-inspired looks from the 70s.

Fujifilm goes Polaroid-esque with neoclassical Instax Mini 90.
Fujifilm goes Polaroid-esque with neoclassical Instax Mini 90.
The retro camera aesthetic works great for Fujifilm. In vintage look and style, the Instax Mini 90 is more than just an upgrade of the hideous Instax Mini 8. Carrying a Mini 8 people would pity you. Carrying a handsome Mini 90 developing photos on the spot they’d wonder, “WTF!”

You might not have liked the oddly-shaped pastel body of the old standard Instax. So here’s the game changer, adding modern luxuries in the process, and rest assured instant photos are fun not only at parties.

The Mini 90 comes with rechargeable batteries and tripods, a 60mm F12 (ouch!) lens, has a maximum shutter speed of 1/400th of a second and several shooting modes, including macro mode, double exposure mode and bulb mode for up to 10-second exposures.

The Instax Mini 90 is expected to hit Japanese shelves in September and come to the U.S. sometime next spring.

For more product details check out the Japanese Instax microsite.