Inspired Eye #4 — The Passionate Photographer’s Magazine to Awaken Your Eye, Heart and Mind

Inspired Eye is now in it’s 4th issue and only growing stronger and better. In 138 spreads, the PDF magazine guides you through interviews, articles and tutorials.

The unique layout of the magazine has already been ripped off and is designed to bring you closer to your own photography by exposing yourself to other’s photography. The many interviews in the magazine are structured in a way to awaken your eye, heart and mind.

Inspired Eye, the passionate photographer's PDF magazine.
Inspired Eye, the passionate photographer’s PDF magazine.

Drawn from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and skill levels, the 4th issue contains interviews from Mike Penn, B.D Colen, Tony Cole and others.

As articles, Laura Cook guides you through Mozambique while sharing her learned wisdom. Ruth Nordenbrook deeply questions the implications of color vs. black-and-white while Olivier Duong guides you through graphic design principles for photographers.

See what photographers are raving about when they say,

It is the best photography magazine I have ever seen. Print or online!

To download the magazine’s 138 pages of quality photography content, visit Inspired Eye.

  • philip a rigby

    I’ve subscribed from issue one, and can say without any hesitation it’s the best photographic magazine that l’ve ever laid eyes upon, and incredible value for money.