What’s Wrong With Canon?

“Not even a whisper” from Canon, writes Canon Rumors. No news from the world’s leading camera producer. Other camera makers are churning out progressive gear. “For the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much chatter coming from the Canon camp,” concedes Canon Rumors. Well folks, we’re talking about the world’s biggest camera maker. No news, no surprises, nothing to excite us.

Canon Rumors goes on with, “There still seems to be a lot of EOS M stock out there, as we keep seeing deals for the camera come about.” True.

What' going wr(on)g with Canon?
What’ going wr(on)g with Canon?
“As far as the big EOS stuff,” Canon Rumors continues, “we’re still holding with no DSLR or lenses in 2013, although a development announcement is always possible.” But unlikely?

Canon Rumors doesn’t “think Canon has ever done a development announcement without announcing an official new product alongside it.”

But where is it? What is it? Where is what?

No serious EVF camera yet.

No convincing DSLR alternatives yet.

What we see is “same same, not different.”

Just silence in these times of exciting new camera announcements.

Complete silence from the Canon camp while Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic, etc. keep on boldly innovating and rumor sites are busy putting out new stuff.

And did I mention Nikon?!

Concluding sobering statement by Canon Rumors:

“I expect two camera bodies at the most in Q1 of 2014, one being a new EOS M camera. The other being an entry level type DSLR.”

World’s camera leader?

Right, they keep on announcing new cameras — just not the ones I want to see — and they’re selling those well.

While these days have seen a flush of new exciting announcements, Canon’s last step forward was the EOS 70D. To stay competitive they might want to thingk about upping their game?

We are in the midst of a new world order in the camera industry and the former key players have stopped innovating cameras.

Complacency has made other big names suffer, just to mention Microsoft, Nokia, BlackBerry.

Or let’s see the bright side of it: CaNikons may not be the most exciting cameras. But they work.

  • Bengt Nyman

    If Canon’s silence means that they are getting ready to surprise us with a top notch FF mirrorless camera I am all for it.

    The market reception of Sony’s new A7(R) will determine if CaNikon need to move or not.

    If Sony stumbles AGAIN, Canon and Nikon don’t need to do anything. They have already lowered prices on their existing DSLR technology to where they are competitive with A7 price levels, especially if A7 IQ comes in at an APS-C level.

    The fight is going to be about high end cameras with top notch image quality.
    The top end of the market wants to see 36 MP. We also want to get rid of the mirror, the mirror slap, the mirror vibrations, the noise and the errors in autofocus introduced by secondary optical paths and components required for DSLR PDAF.

    In short, it’s time for a top notch FF mirrorless camera with fast, accurate autofocus and an EVF showing a preview indistinguishable from the final image.

    Canon and Nikon isn’t going to do it until that are forced to.
    If Sony fails to show the way we might have to wait another year or two.

    Let’s get together, buy out Hasselblad, and show the world how it’s done.

  • David Holliday

    Or you could invest in the new Sony

  • Bengt Nyman

    That was my hope.

    I believe the image sensor is going to test out OK.
    But I think DxO is going to rank it behind D800, D600 and the RX1 because of vignetting.
    The noisy shutter ruins my plans to use it as a quiet shooter for music and theater.
    The 35f/2.8 is too slow indoors.
    So the Sony A7R is strictly a travel and outdoors camera.

    So I am back to Zero.

  • No reason to give up so easily. Still no full production models out in the wild, no thorough tests, no reliable sample images. All we have are first impressions and copy/paste analyses.

  • Bengt Nyman

    Time will tell.
    No pre-order for me, for now.