Voigtländer Nokton for MFT

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Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 for Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Voigtländer’s Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 Lens for Micro Four Thirds Cameras is a breathtaking wide angle lens that combines an extraordinary maximum aperture of F0.95 with a superb 10-blade diaphragm for magnificent low-light/shallow depth-of-field images — photographs or video. A selective aperture control system allows a continuous and soundless change of the aperture (and depth-of-field as well, of course). This manual focus lens (equivalent to a 35mm lens on a full-frame camera) focuses down to a very close 5.9″. The Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 is destined to become the standard wide angle, low-light, shallow depth-of-field lens for Micro Thirds camera users. It’s ready for its close-up.

  • Exceptionally fast F0.95 wide angle lens (35mm equivalent) for Micro Four Thirds cameras
  • Continuous and soundless change of the aperture (and depth of field) is possible with selective aperture control system
  • Very close-focusing lens — 5.9″
  • Aspherical lens elements provide crisp images
  • Diaphragm has ten blades, producing outstanding, beautiful bokeh in the out-of-focus areas of your images