Visual Compendium — The Evolution of the Camera

Here’s something for the photography connoisseur and camera aficionado alike: a meticulously illustrated catalog of 100 landmark cameras, culled from over a century of photographic history, depicting both professional and consumer models and tracing photography’s history from the first models to today’s digital wonders. 18″ wide and 24″ high, this poster is more than just an archival print you can order. It’s a beautifully minimalist guide to the evolution of cameras.

A Visual Compendium of Cameras by Pop Chart Lab illustrates how the camera has evolved since the original Kodak (R.I.P.) in 1888. You may not agree on the selection of the supposedly 100 most important camera models from more than 100 years of photographic history.

From amateur consumer to professional models, cameras have deviated only slightly in structure. Makes one think how the next poster printed in 100 years might look like since this visual compendium gives very clear ideas about where photography is heading to. Take the last three entries: iPhone 5, Ricoh GR, GoPro Hero 3

Right, the iPhone. Not considered a camera by many, it’s the world’s most popular photography tool today. And tomorrow’s? Amazing, isn’t it, how little cameras changed until a few years ago. Guess the major changes lie ahead of us.

A Visual Compendium of Cameras | Pop Chart Lab
A Visual Compendium of Cameras | Pop Chart Lab

  • Maurizio Marinelli

    You forgot the Canon Dial 35:

  • Mesmerizing find! The poster ignores a whole lot of groundbreaking cameras. I’d put the Olympus OM-D over the PEN series, but the digital PEN was first after all… This unconventional half-framer is certainly worth an also-ran mention. Maybe someone should come up with a Frankenstein camera compendium.