THEME 2.0 Goes Responsive

Welcome to a THEME 2.0 facelift! We’ve polished the site a bit, made it look fresher, airier and newsier, rounded some edges and, yes, it’s now responsive. Let know what you think. Miss the old ways? Another alternative I’m still looking at is making the site lighter with less content, focused on the live feeds and own articles. We’ll see.

THEME is always a work in progress and Web publishing is developing at no lesser pace than digital imaging technology. Yet, good things don’t necessarily have to change. It’s always a bit a dance on the tightrope what to change and how to change what. There are always pros and cons, finding the perfect middle way is a bit of a Sisyphean task.

Again, feedback welcome, but looking at solidly growing user stats I’m positive things can be tweaked a bit now and then to renew the experience. Have a look around. Navigation should be easier and cleaner coding should load faster. Not perfect, but closer to it.

Cheers —


  • The old version used to load faster (on iPad mini). (I really can’t stand those pop up ads, but I guess there’s no way to get rid of them..)

    Keep up the good work Dan!

  • Let me see what I can do regarding speed… As for the ads, install a blocker Marco. Ads can be a nuisance, but they can also display relevant content.

  • Thank you for the suggestion, I’m going to search the web right now for it!

  • Bengt Nyman

    Yes, Theme needs a redirect. 2.0 would benefit from going more mainstream. Less attempts to write cute or provocative articles and more emphasis on depth and high end photography. No more articles about smartphones or Leica please.

  • As time allows and user reports come in THEME’s delighted to dig deeper into quality photography while not ignoring it’s “Daily” approach that’s eternized in the title logo…

  • Bengt Nyman

    I didn’t get the part about the “eternized logo”.

  • Eternized in the header logo, Bengt. “Photography Daily.” THEME doesn’t attempt to compete with what everyone else is already doing: hands-on reports, field reports, review reports. You find it here, but more importantly you find stuff here you don’t find anywhere else — and you still get all the links to what everyone else is doing. So THEME is more of a photographic potpourri, and refrains from posting perfectly post-processed, sterile, hyper hygienic imagery. THEME’s a bit different to the rest, while not pretending to be better.

  • Bengt Nyman

    Cool. Best of luck. I hope you find a niche that works.

  • Dave

    Congrats to the new webpage! I am a bit surprised about the change since THE.ME was also very good before. I do not agree with Bengt Nyman to go more mainstream. I see a contradiction between quality and mainstream – sorry for putting it that superficial. I think, ‘authenticity’ is the way to go with a personal webpage. I never felt, THE.ME was a waste of time to read, in comparison.

  • Michael Stur

    Sorry, but I hate the new typeface ! The old sans-serif typeface was much easier to read…

  • Working on it Michael, typography still needs some work, have to iron out some bugs…

  • Bengt Nyman

    My word mainstream was probably not well chosen. What I mean is that I see a lack of readers, also reflected in poor comment participation. I think that one reason might be that Dan tends to try to be unique and sometimes provocative in his own articles as well as in his choice of contributors. Going too far in this direction tends to loose many readers. I guess the trick is to choose subjects with a wider interest and yet add an interesting twist or observation without going all out weird or rebellious.

  • Dave

    What you say about poor comment participation is a point I really am wondering about. I learn that no conclusion can be drawn from my personal good impression to the success of a webpage. I find your input very valuable, Bengt, and I wish Dan will find a way to run his webpage successfully with that personal note I appreciate. Compromises seem unavoidable showing my comment to be a bit too idealistic.

  • This is not a beauty contest. While it’s always nice to have more readers (can’t complain about the stats!), THEME in essence is a carte blanche for anyone. While other sites have employees or are a full-time labor, this is what I love doing as a hobby beside a paying job. Not enough comments? Possibly. Guess some of the phraseology on here is maybe a bit demanding. If I’d had more time it would be a no-brainer to upload daily stories. And by the way Bengt, you’re one of the real though provokers around here, haha!

  • Alright Michael, worked out some bugs, is the current Arial more to your taste?

  • So much more could be done, wish I’d had more time for quality reviews, because in the end this is what it’s all about: photography, and not the talk about it. Still though have to find some time for life and family, which in fact are my priorities.. Appreciate your feedback Dave and Bengt, and I rather be criticized than constant pats on the back. Still, it’s civilized in here. You know how many comments I had to delete because they were downright offensive? Not more than three in more than three years. Says something. Not only because of the modest level of participation.