Sony RX100 & RX100 II Bundles

A Sony RX100 Mark II sample bundle for $748.
A Sony RX100 Mark II sample bundle for $748.
Amazing that one year after the launch of the revolutionary large sensor RX100 Sony is still in a position to sell the camera without substantial discounts.

Still, now you can get several RX100 bundles for some $600 — and nice RX100 II bundles for $748 upwards.

If you ask me the extra $150 are worth the increased ISO sensitivity, tiltable LCD screen and other upgrades. Fact is that the RX100 remains to be a stellar camera. So either way, be it on a tighter or slightly higher budget, this Sony compacts don’t let anyone down.

With the Mark II an already nearly perfect camera only got better. If I’d had to decide on a single camera, the RX100 II would be it.

Order the bundles from Amazon — either the RX100 or RX100 Mark II.