Sign of Life

Dear all, apologies for not having written and posted anything for so long. Appreciate your the emails received, rest assured all is fine over here, it’s just there are times in one’s life when one has to set priorities that are not always compatible with everyday life. And then there is the family. What’s more important in life than time with one’s family.

Made a major decision recently, and boy am I excited. Partnered up with a consumer tech project that might well make waves. We’re currently looking for the main round series A funding, so if you have access to capital and a soft spot for ideas that change the way we go about our daily lives and interact, well then better contact me!

THEME isn’t dead at all, this site is a labor of love and it will change its face over time. Been traveling a lot lately, and the longer I live photography the clearer it gets that — to me at least — photography has little to do with gear, but much with how I approach life and people per se.

Meaning, some of the most boring photography currently comes out of my most expensive gear while playfulness and the occasional odd thing in images are often a result of a playful and odd approach to photography, commonly done with inconspicuous, unimpressive gear.

Take this soap bubble image, shot with a camera phone — just have to be there, that’s it:

Soap bubble -- Tiergarten, Berlin
Soap bubble — Tiergarten, Berlin | Daniel Kestenholz

Again, thanks for the quiet, yet steady support. Reader stats are very nice, thousands of people tune in daily to read the live rumors and news feeds, and of course read former topics. Got tons of ideas about new topics that you can only read on THEME. So tune in now and then, there is always something going on here.

Take good care,


  • I’m glad to read you’re back! Checking several times a day your site, and each time my eyes went first in search for a new post.
    Wishing the best for your project Dan!

  • Omer

    Good to hear all is well. Nice picture.

  • Technically, Omer, the picture is very average and not a challenge. It’s all about the moment.

  • Nice to hear back from you Marco! Well for the time being the new project is demanding most of my attention, currently definitely pursuing a relaxed attitude towards THEME and not putting myself under pressure to produce content. The site has its own life. Time will tell how THEME will look like in the future…

  • Omer

    Okay, very average it is then.

  • Haha… glad it’s liked for its mediocrity!