Random Pic #4 — The Lonely Protester

Thailand’s in the headlines. No one knows whether Bangkok will engulf in another wave of violence and bloodshed. The protesters are decent people with good intentions, even though they applaud to some fascist hate tirades from the stages. I’m not about to go into the democracy debate. But the bustling city has come to a halt in its downtown. Streets usually filled with a sea of cars are transformed into walking streets.

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For how long? People camp and sleep on these streets — and then I saw this lonely protester. In a sea of protesters. Lost in thoughts, as if she’s looking into a bleak future.

Shot with Nikon Df and 28mm F1.8G @ 1/80 F6.3 ISO 12,800 — that’s right, 12,800! Click on the image to get a larger resolution of this straight out of camera, untouched JPEG… I could clean it up and enhance it, but what’s the point of showing photos with heavy post-processing? Know what you get, not what you might get.

Boy, did I say I love this camera?

The Lonely Protester
The Lonely Protester