Photography Tip #1: “Don’t Listen to Photography Tips at All”

The average contents of a photographer’s bag cost anywhere between $1,500 and… well a lot. Photography is big business. It’s not only the camera and lens makers, the providers of accessories and how-to books, tutorials and dedicated websites. It’s all the advice from pros and fakes alike telling and selling you how to shoot better photographs. Well, why not try it the opposite way. Instead of trying to copy what the masters, pros and not-so-pros all try, why not listen to you yourself. “Don’t listen to photography tips at all,” says Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn.

Corbijn has some more contrarian photography tips in stock. They all have one and the same thing in mind: don’t just snap away. It’s always very important to think what you’re shooting and why you’re shooting something.

Who wouldn’t like Corbijn’s refreshing anti-views. Classic photography school teaches some strict, god-given rules. Do this, never that, and always like this… We’re also lectured how to shoot with the sun. Says Corbin: experiment with the sun and your camera. He thinks you can shoot any direction with the sun.

And then there’s the age-old discussion about IQ vs. QI… What’s a perfect image? “Imperfection is underrated”, says Corbijn who recommends to shoot very selectively one day and very randomly the next day. And then to compare the two.

Find your own way.

Serious food for thought in a short video — and if you haven’t done so yet, read THEME’s Anti-Photographer Handbook…:

  • I completely understand what he’s saying. But it’s a self defeating statement. Do not listen to any photography tips….including the one about not listening to Photography tips ><