Photography Publisher Camerapixo Is Back in Style

Not the luckiest of names, but after a makeover photography site Camerapixo is back up and running again. Camerapixo is, in a few words, an online service which publishes several photography magazines as well as portfolios of photographers from around the world, famous, less known, beginners. The “new 1.0” site is well worth a visit. Lots of inspiring content and links to renowned photographers to discover.

Camerapixo publishers Anetta and Artur Heller are certainly a force to reckon with in the photography world. It all started as a photographer’s directory and with group photowalks. Today their magazines reach millions. “When things are done with passion and happiness, you get a truly meaningful and amazing result,” the couple says.

Camerapixo, a good name in photography publishing, is back online after a stylish 1.0 makeover.
Camerapixo, a good name in photography publishing, is back online after a stylish 1.0 makeover.
Camerapixo in fact currently publishes four online magazines:

  • Camerapixo – dedicated to worldwide variety of creative photography;
  • Focus on Wedding – dedicated to wedding photography;
  • Black and White – dedicated to black-and-white photography;
  • Press.ID – dedicated to documentary and photojournalism.

Download an issue of Press.ID, the photojournalism magazine, right here. That’s 200 delicious pages and 125MB of great photography features with selected articles and interviews.

Press.ID, the photojournalism magazine.
Press.ID, the photojournalism magazine.
Camerapixo also sells you a press card for $99.95 a year. I’m not too sure how useful such an “international” press card is.

If you’re a photographer you should already have an accreditation card that’s recognized for the work you do. I guess these cards are more of a good business idea.

But being published certainly matters. Camerapixo might just be the professional quality publisher you’ve been looking for.

The site also offers a photographers directory and photography resources.

Chapeau, Anetta and Artur Heller!