Perfect Black-and-White Camera With Zero Noise Needs Your Social Love

Leica, watch out! Your pat your own back for inventing the world’s first black-and-white only digital camera, the M Monochrom. Well you’re wrong. Maybe the world’s first black-and-white only consumer camera. Because Spectral Instruments, a company you most likely never heard of, built another fairly outrageous camera: a 112MP camera with ultra light-sensitive sensors that enable it to take noiseless black and white images.

Giant, strictly black-and-white camera asks for your social love | Spectral Instruments
It’s a camera that sucks light like a black hole. The sensor measures 95x95mm. A full-frame DSLR has a 24x36mm sensor and medium format, like a Hasselblad, uses a 48x36mm sensor — that’s five times smaller than Spectral’s camera that has a dynamic range so incredibly big that it can photograph both the sun and the stars in broad daylight.

The sensor is cooled down to -100°C, allowing exposures that last for hours without any noise issues. There is no Bayer mask and no moiré filter to detract from the overall image sharpness. And now Spectral’s engineers want to downsize the pretty big camera.

Usually their cooled, ultra-expensive custom CCD-based camera systems end up in orbit or in closely monitored installations of laboratories and research institutions around the world. Now they hope to create a custom-made version of the super high-tech 1110 series that can be used by “traditional” photographers on this planet. Would be pretty cool hey, a cooled down camera.

They’re not only looking for funds but also a renowned photographer to help make the campaign go viral. Watch the video below, engineer Zeke’s email address is mentioned if you want to suggest your favorite photographer to take some stunning shots.

Zeke would personally love to see Lee Morris recreate his famous iPhone photoshoot. But this consumer camera concept needs your social love. Because management is not yet convinced of the projects feasibility. It would cost them $100,000 to make the sensor alone, and the camera will be custom built for this purpose only.

Zeke & Co. ask to please spread the message via Twitter and Facebook. Let’s make this happen people.

(Via Fstoppers)