Panasonic LX7, a Leica for < $400

Panasonic LX7, not even $400 for a Leica in disguise.
Panasonic LX7, not even $400 for a Leica in disguise.
The Panasonic LX7, Pana’s practically identical version of the Leica D-Lux 6, can currently be had for $398 from Amazon. That’s about half the price of the Leica.

You get a lot of camera for this money. The lens, a Leica 24-90mm F1.4-2.3 equivalent, is probably one of the best lenses ever fitted to a point-and-shoot.

The newly developed Vario-Summilux features outstanding brightness. Have a look at the diameter of the front element. An extraordinarily rich amount of light can give impressive expression to the image by reproducing exquisite gradation.

If you’re anyway in the market for a compact camera, this compact Panasonic rebranded by Leica is a no-brainer.

The direct competitor, the Sony RX100, is still over $600. Difficult to go wrong with the minimalist yet powerful package of the LX7.

Order from Amazon. You also find some good LX7 deals on eBay.