Nikon Launches “Pure Photography” Microsite Ahead of Retro Full-Frame Nikon Df Announcement

It’s common practice by now that camera manufacturers announce a camera before they announce it. Be it intentional leaks or a more formal approach — camera companies waste no time in adding fuel to the rumor fire before bringing their gear to the market. Now Nikon takes a slightly more elaborate approach. Some estimated two weeks before the announcement of the retro full-frame Nikon Df world’s number two camera maker introduces a dedicated Pure Photography microsite.

The Pure Photography microsite’s URL already includes “lineup.” The DF’s not a matter of if, but when. Announcement is on November 5, 2013, when you “savor photography all over again,” promises teaser #4.

Pure Photography and the upcoming Nikon Df (specs) stand for — as the video teasers suggest — passion, creativity, naturalness, nativeness, going back to the basics, reaching one’s destination, the gift to wonder and be amazed again.

Here are teaser #2 and #3 after the already reported teaser #1 that includes a very important sound that excites many: the distinct click of an old-school shutter… Right, with each new teaser we’re shown a bit more.

“One great shot,” the teaser says, “rewards everything.”

Teaser #3’s slogan of this rather small looking camera: “No clutter, no distractions, this is my world.”

Teaser #4: “Wherever I go, the camera leads me somewhere new.”

Some screenshots:

Screenshot from Nikon Df teaser #2.
Screenshot from Nikon Df teaser #2.
The silhouette of a camera that might touch the hearts of many. Goosebumps, anyone?
The silhouette of a camera that might touch the hearts of many. Goosebumps, anyone?

Are we expecting a classic, mechanical-digital Nikon?

One thing that keeps me guessing: Canon usually announces a similar camera a few weeks/months after a Nikon announcement. Canon has muscle, yet no sign how they’re following suit.

  • David Holliday

    Nice looking camera, shame the fish got away.

  • callibrator


  • Drazen B

    “The silhouette of a camera that might touch the hearts of many. Goosebumps, anyone?…”

    Hahaha…you know me all too well, Dan :-)

  • That’s a definite Drazen B© copyright!!

  • Brian

    If Nikon comes out with a Nikon FM or F3-like camera, I am tempted. The original Nikon F3HP had a Digital Back available from Kodak, so it is possible.
    NOW- does anyone know if Nikon has stopped encrypting fields in the NEF files to hide your images behind the DMCA? I stopped dead at the Nikon D2x, switched to Leica with that Fiasco.