New Lensbaby 5.8mm Fisheye for Canon & Nikon

This just in, Lensbaby’s brand new manual circular fisheye, offering a 185° full circle perspective, for Canon and Nikon:

Specs & Product Highlights:

  • Circular fisheye lens offering full circle image
  • 5.8mm focal length
  • 185° angle of view
  • F3.5-22
  • Manual focus
  • Polished internal barrel for creative flare & reflection
  • Focus distance scale & hyperfocal scale to aid in focusing
  • Extreme close focus from 1/4″
  • Creates unique flare & reflection around image circle
  • Edge to edge sharpness
  • Available for Canon EF & Nikon F camera mounts
  • Size/weight: 2.75″ (7cm) x 2.75″ (7cm) x 3″ (7.6cm) high / 10.5oz (298g)
Just announced: Lensbaby's circular fisheye for Canon and Nikon mounts.
Just announced: Lensbaby’s circular fisheye offering 185° full circle.

Available from Adorama for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts.