Lomography $89 Experimental Lens Kit for Micro Four Thirds

It’s made by no-frills film revivalist Lomography, all plastic and compatible with Micro Four Thirds cameras: an experimental lens kit including a 160° fisheye lens, a standard 24mm and a 12mm wide angle lens as well as color gel filters. Right, there’s a filter slot behind the lens so you can experiment with different color filters. Thinking of it, these color gel filters might be especially interesting for black-and-white photography…

Don’t think Lomography is just a pipe dream. Have a look at their open jobs. They’re seriously expanding and looking for people. The experimental lens kit for Micro Four Thirds is another creative idea by creative people bringing fun back into photography.

$89 the experimental lens kit for Micro Four Thirds mount -- who wants to complain?
$89 the experimental lens kit for Micro Four Thirds mount — who wants to complain?
Why not give “digital Lomography” a try. Forget the standard Micro Four Thirds way of viewing the world.

You don’t want to, however, scientifically pixel-examine the photos. The Lomography approach is all about fun, creativity and, yes, experimenting. Lomography optics stand for cool vignetting and wild color saturation.

The kit sure makes for interesting movie effects and all kinds of random, crazy, colorful and certainly different photos from what you’re used to.

Add a color gel to one of your lens filter slots and your photos will be washed in color. As said, maybe great for black-and-white photographs.

This is the first lens kit in the world which lets you shoot real, optical multiple exposure images using digital cameras. The lenses in this kit have a built-in mechanical N/B shutter for long and multiple exposures.

There’s no need to merge photos together using post-production techniques. The lenses allow you to keep your camera shutter open and open/close the lens shutter multiple times on the same frame.

You can shoot as close as 5cm with the fisheye lens and as close as 20cm with the 12mm wide angle.

For more information, sample images and to buy the lens kit visit Lomography.