Lessons From Top Socially Influential Photographers

  • Hasi

    They’re all full of shit. They’re commercialists who’ll do whatever it takes to make a buck. EOM

  • well, I’m a blog / photo website addict, and I’ve never heard of half of these…. And DuChemin certainly is a slick businessman / snake oil salesman. And Ratcliffe is a phenomenally awful photographer…. Influential, maybe, as in having hordes of wannabes hanging on their every new gear post, but influential on photography ? I don’t think so.

  • Not a bit harsh Hasi? Most are crazy good photographers and devote a lot of time towards helping people out and improve their photography skills. Yes, they might have a fun job, travel the world and handle gear all day long, but while a Salgado or McCurry is nice to look at, they’re quiet about the ins and outs of what makes their photography magic. It’s up to you whether they make a buck with you or not, but credit’s due where credit’s due.

  • Must confess many names didn’t ring a bell with me either. Some even have websites that look like spam. Obviously this “measurement” is quantity above quality, which doesn’t mean that it lists some outstandingly gifted photographers who happen to be savvy socialites as well!