Bikini Photo Shoot in Space — Kate Upton Can Defy Gravity, After All

Kate Upton floating in space. Her trademark assets have seen about every place on earth — now she conquered the last frontier: the universe. Or nearly. For a Sports Illustrated “Zero Gravity” swimsuit shoot, a project that took four years to complete, Upton went up up up for the rest of the world to see her going down again in style. Floating Kate — must have been one of the coolest photo shoots ever.

Mankind has been almost everywhere. But not with a swimsuit in space.

Kate, gifted with substantial assets subjected to gravity, even knows her stuff in bounce-resistant environment.

As Neil Armstrong would have liked to say, “One small swimsuit for space, one giant treat for mankind.”

For aspiring space photographers, here’s how to become one:

Book a trip aboard a ZERO-G or similar airline (for $5k a pop) and enjoy weightlessness as pilots fly the modified planes in parabolic arcs while thousands of feet above earth’s surface.

As the plane tilts its nose and flies on the downslope of the parabola, passengers experience about 30 seconds of weightlessness at a time. For up up Upton, the company flew a series of 13 weightless parabolas and four parabolas imitating lunar gravity.

A zero gravity fashion shoot though has already been done, so what other first to go viral with? Now that’s entirely up to your own imagination. Just remember: don’t buckle up.

Interested in weightless photography? Well slim down first… seriously, here’s more on the revolutionary floating bikini technique.

  • Scarlet_Billows

    Sorry, but the interest of this post is what?

    On the substance, this shoot evidently did not take place in “space”. And I am not sure you really want to refer to parts of her as “rack”. That’s for other types of sites.

    You just lost a reader.

  • mirko pazi-metak

    Oh poor Scarlet, why so uptight, my dear?

  • Well then let’s try to live with “assets” instead.

    What’s the point of this post? While not relevant to photography, why not, as photographers, appreciate the challenge of doing something different and raising the bar.

    Try to see past the cleavage. Or is it impossible to talk about human nature in a slightly ironic tone on a photography site?

    Such a photo shoot is quite daring. Chapeau Kate, jumping right in and flipping while it’s not even easy to hold a camera in this environment.