Julian Lennon, Not Random Photographer

Soft, mellow photographs like watercolor paintings, taken by Julian Lennon, son of the iconic father. Lennon doesn’t set his images up. He calls his photography “a lot more random.” Isn’t that, in essence, the smartphone’s snapping approach. Nope. He finds a level of peace and calmness, Lennon says. He just tries to be more aware. When others sleep in a plane, he watches the sky and shoots clouds.

Often compared to his father’s look and even the sound of his voice, photography is the one way to cut that cord. Lennon can “breath with photography.” It’s his one journey. This CNN video interview is also a bit about the Beatles and music, but first and foremost it’s the portrait of an artist photographer who tries to be a “person as good as he could be, in every sense of the word.”

Must say, I like his photography. But it goes without saying a good name helps.

For more on the famous son’s work who’s trying to establish his art without leaning on anyone’s shoulder visit Julian Lennon Photography.