Here’s the EVIL APS-C Leica Mini M

Well I have been partially, maybe wishfully and intentionally wrong about the slightly underwhelming, upcoming, miniaturized Leica M. No full-frame, no M mount, but instead you’ll get a CMOS 1.5 crop APS-C sensor with a relatively slow, not really compact Leica Elmar F3.5-6.4 with an 28-70mm equivalence for a rumored price of €2,450 (more than $3,000) — an X type of camera on mild steroids:

The EVIL APS-C Leica Mini M, a compact M with permanently attached lens.
The EVIL APS-C Leica Mini M, a compact M with interchangeable permanently attached lens.

Here’s the translation of this leaked French iPad screenshot:

  • New Vario zoom lens: Leica Elmar F3.5-6.4 28-70mm equivalence
  • CMOS APS-C sensor with a resolution of 16.1MP
  • High-end materials: body made from single aluminum block
  • Iconic design
  • Easy navigation with full manual controls
  • External electronic viewfinder EVF can be used for new photographic perspectives (whatever they mean with that last part…)
  • Best image quality in its class with full HD video
  • Multipurpose accessories
  • Made in Germany
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the complete solution for modern digital photography

Sorry Leica, but I don’t see the market for this. Can’t believe it’s not EVIL. The competition’s too good, more advanced. Add the price. Now a full-frame, compact, interchangeable lens mini M, that would have been a whole different game.

Considering the size and speed of this lens while Fujifilm’s X series offers more compact, more powerful solutions… Leica might run on such low production capacities that they don’t even want to sell many of ’em.

Where are this product’s hidden virtues? Please tell me I’m dreaming. There must be a lens release button somewhere!

If they do release something like this pepped up X, it’s a no-brainer to go for the Sony RX-1 instead with its amazing sensor and razor-sharp 35mm F2 lens. With a third more megapixels, who needs a zoom, just crop.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • This is a joke, right? Really this can’t be but a hoax to throw all of the forum responders into a frenzy. The Ricoh GXR APS-C A16 Zoom is as good or better than this. Major disappointment if true.

  • One More Thought

    One tiny correction: this is not an EVIL design, as it does not feature interchangeable lenses. It doesn’t even has an integrated EVF, …only the option to add an external EVF…

    So it’s not EV, and it’s not IL…

  • I stand corrected, thanks, the obvious slipped my mind. With a bit of tolerance the LCD could pass as some kind of EVF — all Sony NEX are considered EVILs, but this Leica is clearly not even evil…

  • One More Thought

    Of course it is “evil” in the sense that it is a very poor design choice, if this rumor is true :)

  • One can hear the prayers, “Let it be fake!”

  • John Maverick

    So to use an M or R lens with a contemporary performing sensor requires spending $8k for an M240? A cut down EVF/peaking camera is what was needed. This is very disappointing for the real Leica fans who already have a stake in the system.

  • John

    The pic seems to me a fake. Especially when looking to the video button. In my eyes, this is a white plastic button that doesn’t belong here. On My M the video button looks very much different….

  • Let’s hope this is the case. Not that I’m going to sell my M-E to buy the mini but for Leica’s reputation.

  • Ramayana

    “Now a full-frame, compact, interchangeable lens mini M, that would have been a whole different game.”

    Not to mention have Leica go through again the same thing that nearly killed them when the CL became too popular. I’d rather have Leica survive, thanks. People say Fuji is the new Leica. Mmm yeah. No.