Here She Is, the New Fujifilm X-E1 — A Head-On Olympus OM-D Competitor?

It’s pre-Photokina 2012, so any day might bring exciting news. To follow up on our earlier rumor on an X-1, THEME nailed it, there is a new X series lineup. Et voilà, here’s the Fujifilm X-E1.

The latest Fujifilm X series, the X-E1 |
Japanese site leaks press release type of photos of a Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera not yet announced, along with pictures of a relatively fast Fujifilm 18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS with optical image stabilization (OIS) that will likely be the kit lens.

Talking equivalence, that’s the standard zoom range that seems to please most users and manufacturers alike.

Contrary to other reports, like the X-Pro1 we expect the X-E1 to have a viewfinder. The eye cup on the back of the camera suggests EVF TTL only. Since OVF is omitted the price might decrease. Plus there’s a pop-up flash. The layout of the buttons and dials on the upper surface is almost the same as X-Pro1. But according to our sources the real news is in the X-E1’s insides. Autofocus speed will convince any X series doubter. Expect C-AF and tracking to be useful.

That’s right, it’s almost an X-Pro1. On steroids. There will be some forums uproar of early adopters. Fujifilm has a “cheap” X-Pro1 that’s most likely to technically surpass its pricier sibling.

If this ain’t no eye cup silhouette of a EVF TTL… |
It’s safe to say that rumored AF speed only works with newly designed lenses. So you’ll be able to mount your Fujinon XF and all sorts of other adapters and lenses. But expect more lens news to come along with the announcement of the Fujifilm X-E1.

A word on the viewfinder: I was never a friend of the hybrid solution, just to mention the two different framings EVF and OVF render. My guess is Fujifilm has sorted out EVF lag and more, so no need no more for an optical offering. Take the Olympus OM-D E-M5, no one asks for an OVF.

Build quality looks solid, with the X-E1 Fujifilm follows up on the proven design of current X series models. It’s a downright new classic, not as bold and also not as compact as the Oly OM-D, but the magic’s probably under the hood.

Will be interesting to see how the sizes of the X-Pro1 and X-E1 compare. The X-Pro1’s rather on the large side. Make that X-E1 smaller and Fujifilm has an even more promising winner.

It’s still not clear what other new X series model is announced for Photokina. Most likely an X200. +++ Update: Or is it this S100, LX7, RX100 and X2 killer, the Fujifilm XF1?

+++ Update: Here are the rumored X-E1 specs as per Photo Rumors:

  • Same 16MP sensor as in the X-Pro1 (with max ISO of 25,600)
  • 6 fps
  • Light magnesium body
  • Improved AF speed
  • Price bellow $1000
  • To be released before Christmas
  • Same video recording capabilities as the X-Pro1
  • Mic input
  • EVF only (not hybrid as the X-Pro1)
  • Two colors, black and silver
  • Pull 25 ISO to simulate Velvia in JPEG mode

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Fujifilm X-E1 |
Fujifilm X-E1 |
Fujinon 18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS |

  • come shine

    Smaller than the “pro” version, better AF speed and other goodies? Bought.

  • But if you ask me that camera is made for prime glass. Not terribly convinced by the (size of the) zoom…

  • anonymous

    on the black model, looks like a bad PS job, which just removed the OVF window off the front and looks very smudged.. but then, it is a good (new) photo of the lens. we’ll have to see i guess….

  • Eye Forget

    So put a prime on it. Fuji has a good lens offering and about to get better. Or get a Kipon and stick just about anything you want on it. While you may not be terribly impressed, I believe in this case Fuji knows what its doing. If they kit it with a zoom it distances it from the xp1 as well as positions it better against the NEX-6/7 bodies. Which in the latter case have an unimpressive lens catalog.

  • Guy Emerson

    Will this camera have the same sensor as the X-Pro 1? If so, and if it has good autofocus, then it will be an amazing camera!

  • The rumors says it will. And with that sub-$1000 rumor, it’s looking very attractive indeed.

  • More images at digicame-info: