Fundy Designer — Revamped All-in-One Suite for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Quick shout about Fundy Designer, a professional photography software company known for its design software / workflow, Album Builder and Gallery Designer, with in-person / remote sales tools. Fundy just launched it’s revamped All-in-One Suite for professional wedding and portrait photographers. Fully integrated are Pro Enhancements that include Fundy’s very own Design Proofer, once-click retouching plus, of course, free upgrades for existing users.

Fundy is all about people rediscovering and gravitating back toward prints as a preferred way to save and share memories and tell the stories and backdrops about their lives. Says Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg, founder of Fundy Software, “Our new tiered pricing gives a pathway for professional photographers to add significant revenue to their business and expand their product offerings as their business grows.”

For emerging pros Fundy Suite Lite offers a cost-effective way to start using Fundy priced at $199. Fundy Suite Pro, priced at $349, adds more professional options such as previewing custom framed prints and designing larger albums that are coveted by high-end brides. Fundy Suite Studio, priced at $499, is created for the large studio, allowing up to five computers to run the Suite simultaneously. For a limited time all licensing options offer a 3-month free subscription of Pro Enhancements.

Fundy’s Design Suite, known for its ease-of-use and powerful tools, is used by professional photographers worldwide to design, sell and proof from one application.

Once downloaded you’ll be able to use each of the modules with the ability to export your projects — this includes Album Builder for template-free, fully creative album design, Gallery Designer for easily designing and displaying wall art, plus Fundy’s two smaller modules that allow you to watermark your photos and create collages for social media and blogs.

Fundy promises improved efficiency and increased revenues by utilizing Fundy Designer. Using the Fundy Suite, professional photographers can easily and quickly create customized albums and beautiful wall art. Fundy is also a sales tool that enables professional photographers to conduct sales sessions with their clients either in-person or virtually from anywhere in the world.

From the company’s press release:

Fundy is an invaluable sales tool because helps photographers upsell without “selling.” Presenting to clients within Fundy makes it easy for clients to visualize what their album or wall art will look like in their home. How can they say no when they’re seeing the photos they love most curated exactly to their home.

Here are a few tutorials to get you started with Album Builder and Designer Suite.

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