First Canon EOS M Kits in Stock!

The wait for the first Canon mirrorless camera is over. At DivitalRev they have the first Canon EOS M kits in stock.

The site converts items to your local currency and DigitalRev ships worldwide.

The Hong Kong-based store has an excellent reputation and many loyal customers overseas who want to get their hands on newly released gear early.

Canon EOS M kits in stock at DigitalRev.

Get all order details here.

  • Really sucks that the US gets the shaft! Was totally ready to plunk my
    money down for this bad boy but now I have all this down time which is
    making me look at the competition a little harder. The Pentax K-01
    (which is a great price right now) and the Samsung NX1000 (also a great
    price and size) are looking better and better each day. Canon may just
    end up losing a sale from a long time Canon fan…

  • Especially the Samsung NX lineup is certainly worth a look. Totally underestimated, but then again Samsung doesn’t know how to reach out to photographers. Am trying since months, in vain, to get hold of an NX for review. They just don’t seem to care. Haven’t seen much NX reviews anywhere. Samsung would have the glass others don’t. Again, Samsung just doesn’t seem to be interested in selling their cameras. Phones and TVs yes, not cams…