Camera Store — The Movie…

December 24, 1994. Christmas Eve, in a suburban New York mall. Digital photography is nowhere yet. It’s all Kodak and Polaroid, yet film’s doom days are closing in. There is no future for this camera store. The two elderly employees, store manager Ray (John Larroquette) and his loquacious, liquored-up partner-in-sales Pinky (John Rhys-Davies), arrive for work at one of the year’s busiest shopping days. Yet it’s dead quiet. And the drama unfolds.

Watching the movie feels itself like, well, spending an entire day in a camera store in a nondescript suburban mall. But this strange mix of dark comedy, depression and some very funny lines should not be missed if you’re a photography aficionado.

Worth watching, enjoy!

You can download the movie from Amazon.

  • Low Hanging Fruit

    Hi Dan, Thanks will give it a go…

    Have you been on holiday?

  • Argh… apologies, so many projects! Hope you enjoy the movie!

  • Fantastic. I love when John Rhys-Davies recommends a Nikon FM. Thank you, will definitely watch the film, and go fondle a few boxes of Kodachrome 😸

  • DUCK!

    Of course, didn’t reckon on the fact that I live in 1950, where camera stores are still the norm, and this film would be lost on the likes of us limeys’.

    So for this reason neither Apple, nor Amazon want me to watch it.