Another Day, Another Few Snaps

Never leave the camera at home. Pressing the shutter button is like waking up, coming to life. I have to shoot a certain amount of frames a day just to feel alive. Each and every time you learn something. I see photos everywhere. Don’t care much if you don’t like them. Each and every one is a story that would otherwise be lost.

Moments in time, below, captured within an hour. Photographs don’t have to be spectacular all the time. A photo a day keeps the doctor away. Got your own stories?


  • I too keep my camera with me all the time. The sound of my shutter makes me smile. Doesn’t matter what I was focusing on. Just the action of framing, focusing and then pressing the shutter makes me happy.

  • Richard Owen

    Since shifting to the Fuji X-System, I am once again carrying a camera everywhere. The DSLRs I once needed for work just was too much on a daily basis.

    Really love the “Choice” image! Well seen and great POV!

  • Omer

    After 35 years of taking pictures I now only carry a camera while walking my dogs in a neighborhood park. The funny thing is I’m happier with photography now than I’ve been for a long time.

    Nice pictures.

  • Sometimes I get the impression certain things happen and things occur because you’re there with a camera and they wouldn’t without…

  • Jawad

    Nice photos capturing precious moments…

  • Rverstee

    the choice is a very powerfull one, like it very much.