A Next Big Movie — True Skin

As some of you might know, I’m based in Bangkok. An Thai actor, Vithaya “Pu” Pansringarm who plays the Oscar-worthy lead supporting role in the latest Ryan Gosling flick Only God Forviges, over a few bottles of red wine drew my attention to this short movie called True Skin, directed by Stephan Zlotescu who’s envisaging a sci-fi movie set in the not too distant future where augmentation is the way of life.

It’s taking place in Bangkok, City of Angels, my adopted home. Some amazing cinematography. Here’s the trailer offering just a glimpse into a much larger story in the works — watch it on full screen for the full experience. What a ride! Get your chemical massage now:

  • It looks real good. Remember how District 9 was a short at first?
    It reminds me of a neon Blade Runner mixed with Deus Ex.
    I hope it goes to a full movie and I hope it does not screw up, many directors make the mistake to think that great movies are just hour long special effects.

  • Scarlet_Billows

    It’s “Only God Forgives”.

    Forviges is almost a word though, in Norwegian at least, but with an added “e”. “Forevige” means to capture (literally “to make eternal”) and can be used in the context of photography, ironically enough.