A Few Words About Charlie Hebdo, the Prophet and Photoshop

How weak is your faith, how misunderstood your prophet and how lame a Muslim must you be to allow yourself to be reduced to a tool of butcherly ideology that kills for colorized ink on paper. The world’s — and Muslims’! — response to the coward execution of French editors of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by brainwashed extremists deserves nothing else than our strongest condemnation and the vow to not be cowed by people whose Aufklärung stopped a few millenniums ago when the main means of transport was the donkey cart. Taking arbitrarily interpreted “holy” words from the Koran for real and as a justification to kill, well these lowlifes deserve to be skinned, quadrupled and defecated upon.

The attack against Charlie Hebdo made each and everyone of us freedom-loving people a Charlie. It was an attack against human progress and the evolution itself. It’s an attack against the heart of our culture. No war will help us get rid of this human scum that’s taking a religion hostage that can be powerful and beautiful as Muslims around the world show us. It’s Muslims themselves who have to rise to the occasion and make their prehistoric fellow believers understand that maybe there is a difference between slaughtering innocents and leading a pure life without alcohol and pork. Yes we know, virgins are waiting in heaven for those who avenge the prophet and die in his name. Don’t you believe it.

This old New Yorker cartoon perfectly captures what we'd end up with in an extremists' world.
This old New Yorker cartoon perfectly captures what we’d end up with in an extremists’ world.

Those who pretend to be the most religious often are the worst, just to mention the relation between covering women from head to toe and homophilia and pedophilia, between prohibition and “violators” of the holy law — I’ve seen a lot when traveling through Persia and the Middle East. Enjoyed some of the best homemade liquor in Tehran and other places in the sanctuary of a private homes, and once the doors of the homes were shut the women put on tight short skirts while outside they had to cover up their ankles.

The extremists’ contempt for the humans’ dignity and diversity is only surpassed by their ignorance. And you thought we’re living in the third millennium with people being able to think for themselves and make up their mind. It’s these slaughtered French caricaturists who all along made the simple point that if there would be such a god, its almightiness would certainly choose followers more wisely.

The caricaturists’s sword was the pen, drawing things so real that they had to die for it. What, if… Now just imagine the power of Photoshop.

Time to show solidarity and never give in to these cowards. We the people are strong, confident and free.

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  • Igor

    Watch this video:
    The terrorists speak Russian. This is imitation of the Islamist attack.

  • Hmmm…

  • thanks very much, Dan!!

    I had the idea, that it would be great, if many big papers around the world would print some of those images.
    The terrorists would achieve the exact opposite of there goals
    and where should they start shooting news paper makers?

  • Dave

    Thank you so much for that. You brought all aspects to the point. Quite concerned, I watch discussions going on about how this mean attack is related to the Islam. The Islamic culture is so rich I can strongly say that there is no connection to the Islam or the Koran. I mean, there is not more context than Breivik’s assault would be considered to be motivated by Christianity or the Bible. There certainly is one connection: The Kouachi brothers and Breivik are mad – that’s all.

  • Marc

    So true, yet so many newspapers and tv networks (such as CCN) refuse to even show the Charlie Hebdo caricatures so that they can be ‘politically correct’. Isn’t that what these terrorist want?