$319 for Complete Photography Light Kit!

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A brand new professional 345 watts studio flash lights/strobes kit at a reasonable price. The kit is suitable for professionals and photo studio. It is a perfect solution to produce photo and video for Web retailers and commercial product catalog. Very easy to use and setup in minutes:

  • Perfect for any objects, such as portraits, costumes, furnishings, etc.
  • Best color temperatures to prevent from color aberration
  • Powerful total 345 watts lighting to provide a sufficient exposal and brilliant image
  • Soften lighting with soft box/umbrella for reducing overexposure and hot spots
  • 2x flash lighting strobes with 1x flash light for bathing object in dimensional lighting
  • Easy to control your strobes with a test button and variable dial for power setting
  • Seamless and non-reflectable background for less post processing
  • Strong support capacity of background support but lightweight
  • Assembly frames for suitable background of different size objects
  • Multifarious light shaping tools for satisfaction of different photography wants
  • Set up in minutes to offer you a professional photo studio
  • For 110 voltage

What’s in the box?

  • 2x 7 Feet Light Stands
  • 1x 30 Inches Light Stand
  • 2x 150 Watts 5500k Strobes
  • 2x 75 Watts Modeling Light Bulbs
  • 1x 45 Watts 5500k Flash Lamp
  • 2x Sync Cords
  • 1x 33″ Translucent Soft White Umbrella
  • 1x 44″ Double Layers Silver-gold Umbrella
  • 2x 20″ x 28″ Soft Boxes
  • 1x Silver-gold Reflector
  • 1x 13′ x 10′ Background Support Stand
  • 1x 10′ x 20′ Gray Backdrop
  • 2x 6′ x 9′ Backdrops (Black and White)
  • 1x Four-Leaf Barn Door & Honeycomb Kit
  • 4x Gels (Red, Yellow, Blue, White)
  • 1x Snoot
  • 1x Slave Flash Trigger
  • 1x Large Carrying Case
  • 1x Carrying Case for Reflector
  • 1x Carrying Case for Background Support Stand

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