What Passion for Photography Is All About

Here’s a video by Andy Newman, the brain behind Why We Create. “Dare to dream a little bigger,” says Andy — who’s producing a documentary series on photography and inspiration. The latest episode goes behind the scenes with photographer Nick Fancher as he shares why he creates work he’s passionate about.

The video could be about you or anyone passionate about photography. It serves as encouragement to do what you love to do, to go out and shoot. It’s a reminder that, once again, it’s not all about gear, locations or subjects/objects.

It’s about a passion to create, making something great with what you have, and using that to get to where you want to be with your photography or even in your photography career.

This latest, second Why We Create installation by Andy serves an affirmation to some that there’s no “right” path. If you love what you do, then that path is right.

Whether you’re working with a smartphone or a $3k camera, it changes the way you look at things.

Go with your guts, go with your eyes, have a heart for your work — and you’re almost there.