Wanna Feel Ancient? See Kids React to a Film Camera

It’s actually a nice idea, letting kids interact with old stuff some of us feel nostalgic about, such as a rotary phone, the Beatles, etc. That’s what the YouTube channel Kids React is about. A latest episode: kids reacting to a film camera.

Take a fancy Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom that uses 35mm film. Made in 1998, this camera is actually not too old. Now give it to a kid. Selfie button? Where’s the “photo fluid”?

You actually need something called film, these “magical rolls”… how to load it?! The tech-savvy kids deliver some pretty stunning answers. Who would have thought things were so hard back then in the pre-GoPro times.

(via Mashable)

  • Wolfgang Lonien

    Probably not the best way to introduce kids to cameras me thinks – it’s more like these daily shows where people are made looking foolish.
    Our 9-years old handles her OM-1 perfectly by the way, and made some good portraits with it already.

  • Good to hear Wolfgang. I posted this video more as a sign of the times. We’re losing touch with basic things, don’t know any longer how most fundamental processes work. A massive silent incapacitation is under way, and praise to the coming generations who are aware of this.

    It’s a bit like children not knowing the difference between a potato and a tomato — or not even knowing what a tomato is. Here’s Jamie Oliver:


  • thanks, Dan!!
    it made me smile all the time. May be, the kids react a bit artificial but they are nice anyway.

  • Times are changing, that’s obviously true. The “problem” is the ignorance itself: many people, even adults to be honest, got into photography thanks to smartphones (good) but don’t know what “aperture” means (bad) for example.

    During my last trip to Madagascar a guy told me: “technology is good, but you (white men :) ) are stupid because you just think that only technology is good and forget what you used to do before technology. If I cut myself with a knife I look for this blue flower and use its leaves to stop the blood running. You die next to the blue flower. Our three years old kids can open a coconut with a knife, I know your kids will hurt themselves instead”.

    I know it’s a bit exagerated, but there’s some truth in it. I’m not saying that the “GoPro generation” has to know how to shoot and develop film, but it would be nice that they knew how big and cool this medium is.
    Sure thing is, if they are going to be interested in photography they will want to know more and more about it.