Understanding Composition

Doesn’t matter one iota that the following video is curated by a computer graphics artist. On the contrary. Computer graphics and photography have much in common, for instance the same roots. Computer graphics tend to become even more realistic while the prevailing post-processing in digital photography implicates visual proximity to, well, computer-generated visuals. Yet, in the end, both are about conveying a “message.” The more structured and composed the image = the clearer the message. Much of this has to do with composition.

The following video is not only excellent. You might think you know everything about composition already. Rest assured the author goes in-depth about composition and elements of composition, such as symmetry, balance, etc. It’s a themes that carry through all creative work. Forget about gear and specs for a moment. This is about fundamentals that in the past, today and in the future are always the same while gear and specs constantly change.

Watch it and learn a thing or two. The author even takes on the golden ratio… Certainly inspirational for next outings with the camera:

(via Blender Guru)

  • Gabby

    Interesting and well done. I especially appreciated the discussion on the golden rule, but I feel that he could have included the use of negative space in the discussion.