Today Only 5% of Picture Taking Devices Are Digital Cameras, With Even More Bearish Outlook

Interesting graphs by the organizers of Photokina who recently ventured to Japan for a sales pitch, as reported by They had bad news for established camera makers. Not only is the digital imaging market transforming itself at an astonishing speed. Never have more pictures been taken, but never have fewer digital cameras been used:

While smartphones and the more modestly priced feature phones are the most popular cameras these days, the popularity of dedicated digital cameras decreases at an alarming rate. More and more people take less and less pictures with a digital camera:

Less and less digital cameras are used for more and more pictures taken...
Less and less digital cameras are used for more and more pictures taken…

Multipurpose photographic devices are outselling pure photographic devices by far. Especially compact cameras are trashed. The only silver lining are sales of high-end cameras with interchangeable lenses:

Yet there's hope for high-end cameras.
Yet there’s hope for high-end cameras.

In 2014 nearly twice as many image taking devices will be sold as in 2009 — but only nearly half as many digital cameras as five years ago. And the stats don’t yet even include Google Glass and the likes.

The future’s all about convergence devices. The classic photographer as we know him or her is a dying breed. Tomorrow‘s photographer is a multitasking hybrid who’s never off the grid — that’s also the reason why the good old camera will never, never ever be wiped off the face of the earth.

(via 4/3 Rumors)

  • Omer

    Not surprising given that since its invention the craft of photography has been viewed by the masses as an arcane activity. Sure, fully automatic pocket cameras may seem simple enough to enthusiasts, but a camera is still a camera, thus irrevocably tethered to the past. Yep, the camera in the phone is of course still a camera, but wonderfully out of mind: Photography, what’s that? We just take pictures.

    George Eastman had it right, fun precludes stodgy old craft: Just take the picture and leave the rest to Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Instagram, et al. !

  • Say… a Leica with all the modern-day bells and whistles could sell tremendously well…

  • Omer

    There’s bound to be a halo effect from (what seems) the world’s population taking pictures with their cell phones. Perhaps that’s what camera companies are banking on and yes, Leica is sure to be thinking the same thing.