The Transcendent Photographer

Words of wisdom for the photographer:

When you’re dead — who knows what happens to your cameras.

When you’re alive — you think you don’t have enough cameras.

Make full use of what you have, and not of what you don’t need. So why not turn the 30/70 rule upside down:

Animus Complex
Animus Complex
70% of an expensive car’s speed is not needed.

70% of a smartphone’s functions are clutter.

70% of a luxurious villa’s space is not occupied.

70% of a cameras functions are useless.

A whole life of earning — 70% will be for other people to use.

The moral of this?

Make full use of your 30% — and aim for the 70%.

When you’re gone — there is still a lot of money (and gear for that) not used.

Lucky the one who’ll inherit it and say, “All the while I thought he was rich. Now I realize that he was working for me!”

The cruel reality is:

Photography is always secondary. Number one priority is health. Or you want to document your own misery?

It’s more important to be strong and healthy and of sound mind than to have everything you desire.

Strive to have a strong and healthy body and mind, and it won’t matter who is working for whom.

Go for medical exams even if you’re not sick.

Drink more water even if you’re not thirsty.

Process your photos, but don’t eat processed food.

Let go even when you’re faced with grave problems.

Give in even if you’re in the right.

Be humble even though you’re powerful, content even if you’re not rich, exercise even when you’re very busy.

And make better use of what you have.

Life is short. Live it to the fullest.

Don’t be the richest gearhead in the cemetery.

(inspired by unknown)