Take Harvard’s Online Course in Digital Photography for Free

The fall 2015 course might not be the newest one, but if you think everything photography has to be brand new, well then good night. And just don’t tell you got accepted into the prestigious university. Yet it’s easier than ever, in fact it’s free, to take Harvard’s online course in digital photography, Exposing Digital Photography.

The course, courtesy of Harvard Extension School, features 12 modules that will teach students the basics of photography, led by computer scientist and photographer Dan Armendariz.

You won’t learn much about the power of photography per se. A great photograph is something unexpected, even when you have all the pieces in place. This course is more technical.

If however you’re open to the idea of learning a general thing or two, then follow on over to the course site. Do you know the difference between bit and byte? All explained.

Here’s a sample lecture on the oh so important and always neglected histogram: