Raw, Unedited and Drawing Smiles: Coca-Cola Security Camera Footage Restores Faith in Humanity

The world has become one big, giant “Big Brother is watching you.” Major cities have thousands and thousands of security cameras installed. It’s even impossible to analyze all the footage. Most of it remains unseen and gets forgotten in the abyss of huge, endless storage devices.

Raw, unedited, probably 100% authentic security camera footage tells a story of happiness | coca-cola.com
But wait! Someone other than police and security forces took the pain to watch hours and hours of seemingly boring security footage. And stroke a gold mine of happiness.

While surveillance tapes are best known for catching burglars, maybe a car crash or just boring daily life, Coca-Cola found pearls in the stuff no one usually wants to see.

An ad recently released by Coca-Cola encourages us to look at life differently by showing wonderfully positive, uplifting moments captured by those spy cameras that invade our privacy and everyone’s life.

The ad’s simply called “Coca-Cola Security Cameras.”

And sweet clips those are. The ad features footage showing people kissing, dancing, helping the needy one and saving others.

See for yourself:

Said a representative from Coca-Cola, “We want to remind people that acts of kindness and bravery are taking place around them all the time.”

Now you know how good the world is. Just open your eyes.

Yes, it’s commercialism at the expense of privacy. And it’s not sure if the footage is 100% authentic. But the point I’m trying to make is another one:

The ad visualizes the power of raw, unedited footage. It’s yet again proof that there’s so much more to a story told by images than just the perfect gear and technique.

Add the version of the song “Give It a Little Bit” recorded by Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson in 1977, and you have your faith in humanity restored.

  • “Give A Little Bit” is the perfect, feel-good & inspirational song for this video. It expresses our need to bond together instead of fighting,sing together instead of arguing. Roger Hodgson wrote the words to the song, envisioning a brighter tomorrow where we all feel the need to give a little bit–whether a smile, hug, or an outstretched hand. He’s amazing to see live, currently on his “Breakfast In America” World Tour, first in 30 years with full band! Details: RogerHodgson(dot)com, see his [email protected] RogerHodgsonStore(dot)com. Facebook for updates- RogerHodgsonOfficial.