More Details on the Compact System Camera Leica T (Codenamed “Taifun”)

The Leica X Vario doesn’t sell very well, so Leica puts its hopes into the “Leica T” (codenamed “Taifun”) with interchangeable lenses, to be announced on April 24. Will the T be a serious challenger to mirrorless system cameras? Here is what sources confirm, ahead of the April 24 announcement:

  • APS-C sensor size (1.5x crop factor)
  • Two lenses at launch time, a 23mm prime and 18-56mm zoom (35mm and 27-84mm in 35mm equivalent)
  • Zoom lens has aperture values of F3.5-5.6, slightly faster than X Vario’s
  • Zoom lens has about the X Vario’s size
  • Zoom lens specifications calculated by Leica, possibly produced by Panasonic (seems like a perfect all-rounder lens without noteworthy distortions)
  • Autofocus certainly won’t be industry’s fastest, but hey, it’s a Leica
  • Not really noise-free performance, just try to stick to fast shutter speed; colors though look very neutral and natural out of camera
  • Cleaner images than M, but smaller sensor…
  • Comes with neither OVF nor EVF, but touchscreen LCD and optional viewfinder
  • Exquisite finishing
  • Built-in memory card, meaning even without memory card inserted you’ll be able to store a few shots
  • Adaptor for Leica M glass available at launch; third-party adapters for Fujifilm etc. expected to be available soon after
Leica T with M adapter | Jeff Curtner / Leica Rumors
Leica T with M adapter | Jeff Curtner / Leica Rumors

Not really sure who’s the target market with these specs. But from what I hear: the optics are outstanding.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Perhaps it’s aimed to those who still like to have a red dotted camera but can’t afford a brand new M nor a Monochrom (no red dot on MM though).
    Personally I don’t like the lack of viewfinder, but I’m curious to see its IQ.

  • B. D. Colen

    So reportedly meh in terms of noise. Meh autofocus performance. No viewfinder. Typical mid-range zoom. Why shouldn’t anyone more serious about their photography than they are about displaying a red dot not be ashamed to purchase something like this? I can understand – sort of – why someone with a bag full of Leica aspheric glass would compromise on something like high ISO performance? But buy this? Assuming that the rumors, which usually make the product sound far better than it is, are true?

  • Bengt Nyman

    The entire business strategy of Leica is ,,, missing. To put their red dot and a lens on a Panasonic camera is a joke almost as bad as Hasselblad selling repainted Sony cameras. Leica is not even keeping up with lens technology any more. If I am willing to give up autofocus I can find Zeiss lenses that offer superior IQ on my cameras. Leica is offering nothing.