Kuvva — Surprise Your Desktop With Daily Doses of Visual Awesomeness

I’m not saying your own photos aren’t your desktop’s nicest wallpaperas. But what if you want to enjoy a daily surprise of artistic and photographic visual awesomeness instead. That’s exactly what Kuvva is all about. It’s a source for beautiful wallpapers. Specially curated for your desktop from some of the world’s leading photographers, designers and illustrators.

Mitja Arzenšek | kuvva.com
Your desktop wallpaper may be something you don’t give much thought to. Or you’re not bored of seeing the same image every day? Kuvva’s goal is to turn this dead space into creative space.

Must say I’m hooked. All you have to do is to sign up and download the Mac or Windows desktop app — you can also connect Kuvva to your Twitter account. Choose the refresh rate and “Trending” or “Featured Artist,” and Kuvva surprises you with high-quality photos, graphics and illustrations each morning you start up your machine.

Vincent Bakkum | kuvva.com
If there is a particular artist whose work you like you can opt to subscribe to their wallpaper stream so you will only receive image from that person. Browse the gallery to get a taste of your PC’s fresh new look every day. Kind of revitalizes your computer, doesn’t it, when you’re greeted each morning by a new and inspiring work of art.

If you are an illustrator, designer, photographer or brand representative and would like to work with Kuvva do get in touch with them. They’re always looking for new visual awesomeness.

No more naked screen. Celebrate creativity. You never know what your morning’s gonna start with.

Ebo Fraterman | kuvva.com