Kai Goes Solo

This is The End, as announced by the man himself. Which gear nerd doesn’t know him: Kai Man Wong, simply known as Kai, the face of DigitalRev TV, that is: the former face of DigitalRev TV which with 1.7 million subscribers is the most popular photography channel on YouTube. Now entertaining Kai, known for his juicy photography gear reviews, parted ways with the Hong Kong dealer, moved back to his homey U.K. and started his own Kaiman Wong YouTube channel. And guess what. Within days Kai got almost 120,000 subscribers. From zero to everything. Chapeau!

Kai Man Wong
Kai Man Wong

Many photographers might loathe him for the unconventional style that’s more about play on words than serious analysis. Yet Kai enjoys huge support for his unpretentious style that’s so refreshing compared to the buttoned up seriousness serious photography often is associated with.

Kai’s “vlogs,” as he calls them, are a colorful mix of wit, video editing skills and plain hands-on photography needs. On his own channel he will branch out into other types of tech in addition to camera gear while sticking to his unique, sometime prepubescent, always original style that assures Kai with his most British of British accents a loyal following.

You can follow Kai on Twitter and YouTube. No, there is no blog, it’s all about visuals, video logs, mostly selfie-filmed by himself.

The man deserves support. Below his solo Canon EOS M5 review — “this is no slouch!” — , followed by his most-viewed DigitalRev take ever on totally essential levitation photography…