How to Take Better Vacation Photos the Leica Way

Leica Akademie announced Destinations in Focus, a first of its kind collaboration with Exclusive Resorts, “combining the inspirational and educational experience of a Leica Akademie workshop with five-star luxury.” In case you can afford it, the programs are kept small with only a handful attendees. In case you can’t attend, Forbes shares some tips from Leica Akademie instructors to elevate your travel photography:

1. Remember this acronym: DIE (Design, Information, Emotion). It’s easy to get one of these elements in a picture. It’s much more difficult to get two, and if you get all three, you know you’ve got a winner.

2. Isolate your subject from the background or foreground. Do this by moving your body or by opening your aperture. (If you ask me, trying to tell a whole story, those blurry back- and foregrounds distract. Tele shots yes, but wide angle?)

3. Think you have your perfect shot? Take three more, just in case. You’ll often discover you like the extras best. (Or pause, take a deep breath, know what you want, and hit the trigger when the composition is complete…)

4. Set the stage. Pre-set your camera and wait for the actors. Scout an interesting location (such as a doorway), then program your camera so everything is in focus and the lighting looks right… and wait for people to walk into your frame. (Come on Leica…)

5. Seek contrast. Good pictures happen where light meets darkness. Shoot from the dark side toward the light.

Let me add tip no. 6:

6. Photography, in essence, is mostly about people. People is what it’s all about. People, especially the family, mean something. Over time we forget. But not people, not family. It’s people that matter.

Any other golden tips?

New Zealand | Daniel Kestenholz
New Zealand | Daniel Kestenholz