Hot Shoe Beautification — Camera Jewelry by Todd Selby

The hot shoe is a many camera’s most orphaned spot. In how many years haven’t you used a flash? I myself try to avoid flash photography at any cost. Bounced or as a filler, yes, but the photographic deer in the headlights syndrome is a hardly flattering look. If additional light is needed then a good old flash sync port will do (something many of the newer cameras have!). So what to do with an orphaned hot shoe? Put some jewelry on it. Seriously. Photographer Todd Selby makes jewelry for your camera.

Camera and photography jewelry is nothing new, eBay has tons of it. But camera accessories are usually dull, says Selby. Why not spice them up a bit. Well a jewel on a hot shoe might look even nicer than a Leica’s colored dot…

Camera Jewelry | Todd Selby
Customization of the other kind: beautify your hot shoe with camera jewelry by Todd Selby.

Selby is the brain of The Selby, a cult website that offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the private lives of the most creative international minds. Now Selby has branched out into retail with a limited edition Camera Accessories Capsule Collection.

Furthermore, Selby collaborated with a half dozen brands and artists on a high-end range of photography-related accessories that include wraps, bags, tassels, reflectors and memory card holders.

Camera Jewelry | Todd Selby
Camera Jewelry | Todd Selby
Centerpiece though is the camera jewelrey that looks like a cross between a mood ring and a camera’s bindi.

Camera jewelry makes your camera not only more attractive to thieves, instead of a cumbersome flash your gear sports an exquisite aura of, well, the photographer’s character.

It will not only be easier to bond with your camera, you’ll intensify its mojo. Depending on the type of shooter you are, choose your crystal wisely, says Selby:

  • Ametrine energizes and motivates your brain and gets rid of bad vibes. If you are afraid it will make you brave. This is a great stone to help you take a chance and get to the next level. (Sounds like the ideal stone for the shy street photographer.)
  • Citrine is a happy stone which brightens everyone’s day. It brings good luck and often in ways you could never expect. It never receives bad vibes therefore never needs to be cleansed. It is one of the best all around stones to use on a shoot. (The selfies stone!)
  • Camera Jewelry | Todd Selby
    Camera Jewelry | Todd Selby
  • Green Amethyst makes you mentally stronger and helps you keep it together after a long shoot. It is the best stone to be working with when you need to change up the energy of any given photo shoot or situation. (Bored of family portraits?)
  • Blue Topaz will cleanse your mind and bring about a next level of consciousness. Another good all purpose stone for you to have on your photo shoot. (The stone that makes a P&S fell like an FX.)
  • The Gray Moonstone charm will bring you love as well as riches. It works in the ocean as well as on land. The best time to use it is on the full moon. Try it and you will see. (Don’t leave home without, struggling photojournalist.)
  • Yellow Cat Eye helps you see everything. It’s the all powerful eye. It brings incredible protection from the evil eye (which happens a lot on a shoot) and luck. (What’s the point of rugged all-wheater gear with this one. Frodo wished he’d had had a yellow cat eye ring.)

In case you’re still asking, “Camera jewelry: Why?”

Selby’s colorful, certainly humorous answer can be boiled down to, “Why not?”

Hot shoe beautification: camera jewelry by Todd Selby.
Hot shoe beautification with a dash of the photographer’s personality: camera jewelry by Todd Selby.

(via Slate)