Hands-On Photography Tour in Asia, Anyone?

Sorry everyone for not updating THEME daily, got way too many things at my hands these days. Awaiting a Df delivery that might not happen in time before a longer trip, then paperwork, bureaucrazy, real work, etc. The other day though I had an idea and, well, why not share it with you. You can book all kinds of photography classes with schools and gurus and so forth, but real hands-on photography tours dedicated to the craft are not too numerous. As some of you might know I’m an old Asia hand knowing the continent like the back of my hand due to long years as a foreign correspondent based in Thailand. And while it’s nearly a crime these days to photograph strangers in the western hemisphere, Asia’s abundance in faces and colors and beauty is really a paradise for any photographer. So me thought why not travel the places with people who love to discover what I know so well — and at the same time pursue a photography that’s going back to its basics, namely: composition, timing, the eye, and not relying on post-processing, HDR and 1-million fps.

I don’t expect much feedback to this thread, Asia’s not on everyone’s way, but who knows. I’d be all ears. Or you can always send me feedback by email or via the contact form. If interested it would be helpful to know about preferred travel season, how you want to improve your photography, what’s most important to you about good photography, etc. It would all be organized at fair cost — and trust me, Asia’s not only a good place for photographers but also lovers of good food, culture, nature, you name it.

Thai | Daniel Kestenholz
Thai | Daniel Kestenholz / Olympus E-1

The tours would be as much about style, technique, the street and documentary as the good old mantra: practice, practice, practice. We’ll be up close, push the limits and overcome the fear to approach people. And people is what photography in the end is all about.

Composition and developing an eye are no less important (while first and foremost wholefully enjoying a carefully crafted travel itinerary). The aim is achieved when you’ll return back home with a handful of really good photographs. You’ll have shot hundreds if not thousands. But as a wise man once said, “A few good photographs a year is a good year.”

Not much to add. Intuitive back to the roots photography. As said: who knows.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Ilford/scan) | Daniel Kestenholz
Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Daniel Kestenholz / Contax G2 (Ilford/scan)