First Ever GoPro City Tour of Pyongyang

Singapore photographer Aram Pan does it again: he has just returned form a photography trip to North Korea. Right, you remember his first trip to the terra incognita in October 2014. Aram was once again given official approval by the North Korean state government to conduct photography within the reclusive state.

Although he was escorted at all times by four personnel, he still seems to have pulled off several world firsts. In a short interview with Aram, he says that this trip was his first “free and easy” tour and most of the places were just “walk-ins” and not part of the state approved tours.

There are more photos and videos to come and we will be updating you on his latest updates in time to come. Here’s a taste of what it’s like to travel the hermit kingdom — right, it’s the world’s first North Korean government approved GoPro camera city tour of Pyongyang, uncut and uncensored:

Gives you a pretty good grasp of what it’s like to do sightseeing in sunny Pyongyang. What a clean and organized place. No billboards, no shops, just plain pure tranquility.

Lusting for more?

What about world’s first 8-meter high floating camera, a 360° view of the Grand Monument.

And there is more:

World’s first (unconfirmed) use of the Ricoh Theta 360° spherical camera in North Korea right here.

Still not enough?!

Check out Aram’s gallery of rare photos of the inside of North Korea’s newly renovated Liberation War Museum.

It’s not all darkness and shadows in North Korea, or is it.

  • Omer

    All is so normal and everyday kind of matter of fact. Unnerving really, considering what we know about N. Korea.