DP Review Snubs Establishment and Launches Mobile Photography Site “Connect”

Today, probably more more photos are taken each day with a mobile phone than a camera. Some of the establishment’s snobbish disdainfulness for these casual snapshooters, however, can be like spitting in one’s own face. Let’s be honest, those mobile imaging warriors who upload and share their images instantly produce some superb quality. So this left online photography market leader DP Review with no choice. They launch Digital Photography Review Connect, a long overdue portal dedicated to mobile photography technology, culture and community.

“Connect,” a new child site of DP Review, dedicated to the social, mobile, app-driven and connected side of contemporary photography.
Hey you pros and real photographers out there, what’s more real? Old-timers clinging to dinosaur pentaprism DSLRs — or this brave new world of imaging? The latter doesn’t deny the former’s right to exist. The old guard’s malice and rancorousness, however, are a desperate attempt trying to dumb down this new “imaging lifestyle” that not only revolutionizes all aspects of photography. Mobile photography rejuvenates and reignites photography. Or lock yourself up in the darkroom and enjoy inhaling those chemicals.

Great move, DP Review, showing that even the less fancy equipment and less experience of the soccer mom can sock someone in the gut. Nah, not a hint of irony in these few words. Really, I mean it. Again, what’s great photography? Certainly not perfectly exposed pixels. A story told, that’s great photography. You ain’t need no bag full of gear for that.

The pioneer and leader of photography websites certainly caught the competition unaware with this portal exploring, explaining and embracing the social, mobile, app-driven, connected side of contemporary photography. Integration with the existing “mother site” is seamless. Your profile will work just fine. Connect looks and feels different, but it’s just another department of photography.

For everything iPhoneography, Androideography and all the rest that’s not entirely about photography, check it out!