Brave New Photoshopped World: No Wonder Our Perception of Beauty Is Distorted

Everyone knows, digital photos lack a certain liveliness. No serious photographer these days shoots without relying on post-processing. Even when careless while shooting, Photoshop — or any other photo editing software — salvage and beautify work.

Imaging softwares have become as important as the process of taking a picture itself. And there is more to it: Photoshop & Co. fool us into believing that there’s a better, a more beautiful, a perfect world out there.

In case you’ve missed it, of all things, healthcare giant Dove shows us how sad a cute woman looks compared to her photoshopped ideal:

Similarly, which photographer who doesn’t count on the help of Photoshop doesn’t have a low self-esteem.

Post-processing may help you become a better photographer, it’s a simple as that.

One could even go further and claim that the process of photography itself is less and less important. It’s more and more about post-processing skills.

But let’s say you are doing portraiture professionally, you’ll find that the time you spend behind the camera shooting is worth about $100 per hour, while the time you spend behind the computer doing post-processing is only worth about $10 per hour.

Therefore, anything you can do to reduce your post-processing time not only works to your financial advantage.

Don’t rely too much on squeezing those RAWs.

Trust the moment, your gear, your eye.

You’re becoming a better photographer, discovering beauty in what’s ignored by many of those masters of Photoshop.

Everyone and everything can be gorgeous.

It’s all up to you.

  • Eye Forget

    “discovering beauty in what’s ignored by many of those masters of Photoshop.”

    Many of the masters of the masters of photo editing apps should give it up. The landscape guys in particular. When I look at a scene I know must have been gorgeous and see the augmented reality mess they have created, I laugh at all the hours they spent behind a screen.