A Message of Thanks to Our Readers, Custom-Tailored Deals and an Invitation

First of all, thank you for tuning in to THEME, the thinking photographer’s web portal. Really appreciate each and everyone of you. THEME is growing strongly, thanks to you. Am traveling heavily at the moment, so posts aren’t updated too often for the moment. Two things now: First a deal, then an offer:

If you’re looking for a specific camera, lens or gear item, let us know! Every day we get offers from major stores. We simply cannot publish them all, but we might just know where to find what you’re looking for.

Give it a try. Use our Submit page to let us know what you want. And we’ll get back to you if we can help.

Secondly: It’s great to see that many readers and guest contributors send in their work and articles to be published. If you ever thought about publishing your own thoughts on photography or a review, your portfolio, an analysis, Photoshop tips, a rant or whatever, now’s the time.

Drop an email and we’ll get your work online. Give it a try, don’t be shy. Publishing on THEME allows you to reach out to a steadily growing audience of serious photographers. Submissions are paid for with fame and glory.

Again, anything photography goes. In the meantime please do join our super friendly and interesting communities on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Or choose between our different subscription options.

Talk to you soon!


Dan (off shooting)